Safaruddin Abdul Hamid (Dyn)

Born in Singapore


By displacing personally chosen object onto the canvas, I hope it would be able to evoke a certain reaction from the audience among which a sense of nostalgia or longing of something that is hard to find in the present time. The objects on the canvas are isolated and painted in such a way so as to bring across the idea of displacement. When a sense of longing comes about, it lets the viewer recall the memories they had with the objects being a marker. I want to show people that the importance of the history and background My works are a portrayal of me longing for the past. 

In my past works, I used photographs of my past as references for my paintings. The reason behind it was because I couldn't seem to remember my past and photographs helps me bring back past memories. And from these photographs, I uncover truths and revelations about my past that would trigger certain feelings and emotion to how I would approach my paintings. Furthermore, a lot of my old photograph contains images of places, objects and icons that played a significant role in my life. Photograph captures time that I had lost. 

When I look back and then when I could not associate myself with the past, temporal and spatial displacement occurs. Most of the images of places, objects and icons had been distorted in my past works because of how I feel towards each image. I intend to gather more information about the places, objects and objects from my past and compare the similarities and differences to the present to assist me in my approach to art. Furthermore I view or see a new painting or works as a fresh attempt and also part of an ongoing dialogue. Each work (series or individual) is tied to the next and the one before.